About Me

Steffy Fort

Graduate of the professional degree ASRALL in Nancy (session 2013-2014), I am currently working in the company Claranet as a Linux system architect. I appreciate all the work done by the Open Source communities, April, La Quadrature du Net or even all members of the FFDN. I invest myself in my understanding of how free software works, so that I can one day contribute to projects or transmit my knowledge.
I have also been part of associations and collectives, which fight for the right to organize techno and self-managed festive events, by organizing protest events (ranging from 100 to 15,000 people).
You will find on this page the whole of my career, as well as additional information. If you have any questions, you will find a way to contact me here.

Mail: <first_name><last_name>@gmail.com

curl -sL https://stfort.fr/ | awk -F 'linkedin.com/in/' '{split($2,a,"\""); print a[1]"@gmail.com"}'

Phone: 0 2745EF29

echo 0$((16#2745EF29)) | sed -e "s/\(..\)/-\1/2g"

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mkdir ~/.ssh && curl https://stfort.fr/static/docs/ssh_pub.txt >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys

Tools and Experience

My Career

Download cv: resume/full


  • Consulting and customer support on architectures
  • Deploying, installing, configuring servers and automating client application deployments via Ansible
  • Industrialization of configurations via Puppet - Team Puppetmaster (Tech infra and code leader) responsible for code compliance that manages ± 4,200 servers
  • Follow-up of Post Go-Live projects in support of the RUN team
  • AWS Management with Terraform
  • Linux Engineering
  • CI CD unit and functional testing
  • Since Jan. 2017
    Linux systems architect


  • Supervision and resolution of infrastructure production incidents and system backup (Tina)
  • System engineering, scripting, deployment and service evolution, post-incident analysis... (production environment)
  • Common use of Puppet, Git, Ansible, F5, etc.
  • Aug. 2014 to Dec. 2016
    Techops Engineer

    Professional Bachelor's Degree in System Administration, Networks and Applications based on Free Software

    2013 to 2014


  • Technical development of scalable, customized network architecture business proposals for SMBs (collaborative file sharing, core network services, groupware, XMPP server)
  • Full implementation of a server migration with production release
  • Apr. to June 2014
    System and network administrator

    BTS IT Services to Organizations

    2011 to 2013


  • Support and technical adviser for cash register application, dedicated to tobacconists and newspaper stores
  • Participation in a working group: Design of a bootable application, based on free software, to perform hardware tests, backups, restorations
  • July to Aug. 2013
    Support and consulting


  • Preparation of a complete architecture for a school in Douala (Cameroon): web server, dbs, dhcp, ntp, mail, jabber, Xen virtualization, iSCSI sharing
  • System administration and daily network tasks (meeting user needs, installing new service, etc...)
  • Jan. to Mar. 2013
    System and network administrator

    ICAM Vendee

  • Study and release of iSCSI Target Enterprise on Debian Squeeze
  • System administration and daily network tasks (meeting user needs, installing new service, etc.)
  • June to July 2012
    System and network administrator

    BAC Professional SEN option Telecommunication and Networks

    2009 to 2011

    High School Notre Dame

  • Production of a Zimbra mail server under Ubuntu 10.04Lts
  • Computer administrator status in autonomy for a week
  • Mar. to Apr. 2011
    Technops Engineer

    Addix Informatique

  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance in hardware and software computing
  • Oct. 2010
    IT Technician

    Espace Technologie

  • Study of SLIS and IPCOP solutions for proxy
  • Computer and network maintenance (Windows systems)
  • June 2010
    IT Technician

    Challans Town Hall

  • Production of a web application server via WAMP under Windows Server 2000
  • Discovered Debian and Vi Systems
  • Mar. 2010
    IT Technician

    BEP Industrial and Domestic Electronic Systems

    2007 to 2009